Moving should not be a scary activity for you and your family. Most people are scared of the prospect of long-distance moving, due to the risks it poses and the idea of handing your possessions to another party. Philadelphia has some of the best moving companies, which guarantee high-quality services.

Moving is a service marred by scammers and inadequate service provision. It is essential to carry out sufficient checks before choosing a moving company. Below we walk you through several tips that will make this activity flawless:

Years of experience

The longer a company has been in operation, the higher its expected quality of service. Whether your company is offering enticing insurance coverage or not, it is important to choose the safest option. According to this long distance moving company, you should select a company which has been active for at least three years. This ensures that the company has done numerous similar tasks, making them aware of the various problems that may come with moving. Take the time to confirm the company’s local reputation in handling long-distance moving projects. 

Moving insurance service

Due to the high-risk aspect of moving, insurance is a must-have. The ideal company should provide a well-valued insurance package; this eases the liability off your shoulders. It is essential to run a background check on moving companies, to be sure about their compliance with the law. 

Allied Moving Truck. Photo courtesy of Mike Mozart on Flickr.

Deposits charged

All moving companies are expected to charge an initial deposit, which acts as a commitment fee. Always inquire about the fees charged by the moving company before signing a contract with them. Down-payments should be reasonable and find a balance, not too low and not too high. 

Budget Moving Trucks. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.

Seek references

For your moving services, it is crucial to ask for friends about their moving experiences with various companies. It is also advisable to use the internet to check for recommendations. Multiple websites offer a comparison between the different moving companies in Philadelphia, ranking them by the cost and quality of services provided.

Mayflower Moving Truck. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.

A company with numerous positive recommendations increases your chances of enjoying exceptional services. When contacting a reference, make sure to ask about the speed of delivery, the condition of goods on delivery, and the charges.

Look out for extra charges

Moving involves more activities in addition to the actual moving. These additional activities come with added fees, which make the whole exercise very expensive. Some of these activities include packaging fees, costs for carrying the furniture to the travel vans or lorry. Ask your company for a complete breakdown of their charges, to know your total price. Beware of hidden charges.

Geographical awareness

Long-distance moves often are problematic for everyone, including professional movers. Your preferred travel company must have had previous travel jobs classified as ‘long distance.’ This awareness ensures that your furniture will always end up in your preferred destination, in excellent quality, and within the set timeline.

Meathead Moving Truck. Photo courtesy of Meathead Movers on Flickr.

Are you in Philadelphia and wish to move your furniture across the country? The tips above will help you make the right choice and maintain the quality of your items.

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